One of CVMA's objectives with the Students of the CVMA is to develop and strengthen the relationship with International Student Affiliates.

In order to achieve this, the CVMA designed a membership program extending to all students enrolled in an AVMA-CVMA-COE accredited veterinary school the opportunity to join the CVMA International Student Affiliate Program and benefit from being a member of Canada’s national veterinary medical association. Additionally, this program provides an opportunity for international students to connect and engage with other students through the various SCVMA-led initiatives.

In addition to having access to every membership benefit, students can also:

The annual membership fee is $11 CDN from January 1st to December 31st.

Join the International Student Affiliate Program

Students who graduate and pass the CQ in Canada or are members of the International Student Affiliate Program, will receive a FREE CVMA membership granting access to all of the benefits (only until December 31 of the year the student graduated in). Once this offer expires, and if the student maintains uninterrupted membership after graduation for a consecutive 3-year period, they are eligible for the 75%-50%-25% tiered fee reduction and will receive a CE voucher. This can be used for a complimentary general registration for one future CVMA convention.

The CVMA wishes to acknowledge the financial support from its partner, VetStrategy. VetStrategy has graciously offered to pay the membership fee for any international student wanting to become a member of the program.

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